Case Studies

Real-world examples of our technology in the field.

The Project

Xerox Canada and Minavox partnered together for a pilot project. The goal was to capture and pre-screen potential applicants during the 2009 Ryerson University Career Fair. The Xerox Video Interview Kiosk gave recent graduates the opportunity to submit their resumes through the kiosk and conduct a short online video interview that would immediately be available to Xerox recruiters across the country.

Specific solutions

  • Video interviewing technology:

    The Minavox video interviewing enables organizations to conduct dynamic video interviews from any location, at any time.
  • Snapshot of the candidate:

    Video interviewing gives organizations a valuable “snapshot” of the candidates personality and communication style. Hiring teams can improve quality of hire by evaluating soft skills and analyzing the candidate’s qualities beyond paper.
  • Saves time and money:

    Video interviews shortens the hiring process while saving costs for the company. Organizations save time and money on travel, interviews and scheduling. It also reduces the need for head hunters and third-party recruiters.
  • Customized recruiting questions:

    Hiring managers can customize the questions they ask in the video interview and tailor the video interviews to different offices or positions.
  • Ability to score, comment and share videos:

    With meta-tagging tools hiring managers can review, score, comment and tag sections of the video, share the video with colleagues, and help reduce any individual bias.
  • Easy-to-use technology:

    The video interviewing technology is simple and easy-to-use for both the candidate and the hiring team.

The Solution

Xerox managers and recruiters report a better success rate when using Minavox’s video interviewing technology. They report that video interview reduces the hiring time, improves the quality of hires and saves the company substantial travel and third-party recruiter costs. Local Xerox dealers have begun to request video interviewing from recruiters as their preferred method of viewing potential candidates.
Minavox Kiosk

One recruiter’s story


"I am the Western Canadian Recruiter for Xerox Canada. The Minavox video interviewing technology has made an impact on my work by enhancing our hiring process and helping me to place the most qualified candidates in front of our hiring teams. I cover a wide geographic territory and I am not always able to meet the candidates face to face. In the past I used to have to make critical candidate choices from a phone conversation, resume and personality profile. I do work with a very busy management team and scheduling interviews can also be a challenge. Time is a factor so it is imperative that the right talent is put in front of these managers.

Minavox video interviewing technology solved some of these recruiting issues for me. After I receive an application from a qualified candidate, I send them a link to complete a three to five minute video interview. I can then review the videos at my convenience,identify the lead or top candidates, create reports, edit the highlights together, and shoot it off to the hiring managers right away.

Besides saving me time, the best part is that the videos provides me with a quick snapshot of the candidate’s personality and communication style. Right away I can see and hear if someone will be a great fit. The three minute video clip puts a face to the name and allows me to build a connection with each candidate.”

What They Said

Xerox Canada has reported phenomenal results and very positive feedback using Minavox video interviewing technology. What initially began as a pilot project between Minavox and Xerox Canada, has now resulted in Minavox video interviewing technology being used and integrated across Canada for all of Xerox’s recruiting and hiring.

“The cost savings have been tremendous. We have really saved on third-party recruiter and headhunter costs.”

–Manager, Recruitment Strategies at Xerox Canada

“Recently an applicant sent me her resume from another city and I sent her the link for the video interview right away, which she completed within the day. During the following week we set up our next steps in the hiring process, and a week later she was hired! The video interview really made the hiring process faster, was easy for the candidate to complete and helped us find the most qualified person for the job.”

–Western Canadian Recruiter for Xerox.