Case Studies

Real-world examples of our technology in the field.
Canadian Tire

The Project

Canadian Tire and a Leading National Dog Product Brand required a dynamic marketing campaign to promote the national pet product line to their customers.

Both clients turned to Minavox Inc. to provide the industry experience, technology and innovation to make this dynamic event a reality.

The Challenge

The client’s goal was to collect compelling user-generated video content for television and web, focus on fully engaging customers with the new product line and gain greater insight into target markets.

However, a number of logistical and technical challenges arose during the initial planning.

Specific challenges

  • Engaging customers with brand:

    The clients needed a way to combine capturing video content with engaging customers with the brand.
  • High production expenses:

    Flying out a television crew to shoot the testimonials would be expensive and would inflate the budget.
  • Risk of losing quality footage:

    The content needed to be high resolution with strong audio, however all the freelance videographer options explored were time-consuming and risky.
  • Events across Canada:

    Clients needed video content from a diverse number of participants from different geographical areas across Canada.
  • Lack of quantitative research:

    There was no way to collect reliable quantitative data and non-video research data from a consumer insight perspective.
Minavox Kiosk

Specific solutions

  • Total Package:

    Using the power of online video, Minavox utilized their platform, a unique web-based video survey technology deployed in a branded kiosk, to engage customers in the retail environment.
  • The economical choice:

    A subscription license of the technology to run in a retail-ready kiosk environment, with event personnel on staff, was economical and cost-cutting.
  • Fast access to videos and data:

    Minavox technology allowed customers to upload their video testimonials instantly, making the powerful video and research available quickly.
  • Increased event flexibility:

    Minavox technology helped the clients save time by holding the event in various Canadian cities simultaneously.
  • Quality market research:

    Minavox provided quality quantitative research data and reports within days of the event, helping the clients drive sales by making more informed and strategic marketing decisions.

The Solution

Minavox provided a total package solution to solve the challenges the clients were facing. The end result was a consolidated kiosk environment that engaged customers and captured powerful market data.
Minavox Kiosk

What They Said

All the stakeholders reported very positive results and feedback. Canadian Tire and the Leading National Dog Product Brand were glad they used Minavox to turn their initial technical challenges into innovative solutions. Customers reported feeling engaged and store dealers were thankful for the positive in-store experience. The end result was a successful marketing event that truly engaged customers across Canada, while providing both clients with powerful video feedback and research data.

“I had fun doing that video! It was very easy. I have owned dogs for 48 years. My pension goes to feeding dogs!”

–Ivan Bishko, Canadian Tire customer

“We were incredibly pleased with the entire Minavox experience. They were very friendly and professional. We ended up with amazing footage for our website, and the videos are going to add an entertaining new element to the Canadian tour.”

–Marketing Group,Leading National Dog Product Brand.

“My staff were very excited to host this event. One customer even arrived super early to record her dog video. It’s been incredible!”

-Sonya Zaparanuik, Store Manager, Lethbridge North, Canadian Tire