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Total solutions for capturing, analyzing and reporting numeric and video data with real-time insight.
Survey Compatible Devices

Utilize video in your research

Founded in 2007, Minavox started as a company leveraging our unique video capture survey engine in the HR industry - for capturing video interviews.

We quickly gained traction in this emerging market and built a full suite of tools that allow for both quantitative and qualitative data capture, analysis and reporting. While continuing to grow our client list in HR, we also found a need for this technology in both marketing and market research, and quickly adapted our solution to the needs of this industry.

Capture. Analyze. Share.

In 2011 we added a complete e-mail marketing engine and mobile capability, and now offer a sophisticated data capture and analysis solution with real-time results anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are looking to capture testimonials through tablets or kiosks at an event, running an online contest, or conducting a market research study, we're confident we can get you the answers you are looking for faster, and deliver shareable content that will turn your customers into brand advocates.

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