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    Video Data

    A picture says a thousand words. Think how many video can say.

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    Freedom to Engage

    Mobile capture solutions allow you to engage anytime, anywhere.

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    Actionable Insight

    Real-time. Just imagine the potential.

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    Be Social

    Valuable data that is perfect for sharing.

Engage. Analyze. Share.

Deliver the fastest speed to insight in an arena of seamless collaboration.
  • Research, Experiential Marketing and Communications
  • Interviews, training programs and employee surveys
  • Online and mobile. Collect anytime, anywhere
  • Turn marketing data into shareable social content

Utilize video in your research

Fact - 90% of all human communication is non-verbal so what insight are you really getting from charts, numbers and data?

Web based technologies continue to change how we live work and play. Minavox has developed a complete suite of web based tools and technologies that deliver real-time actionable insight in a user friendly environment. Our solutions for recruitment, training, research and marketing have been designed for seamless integration and can be customized and deployed based on requirements.

Minavox Inc.
Minavox Inc.

Make informed decisions

Review, share and collaborate utilizing the power of video and real-time playlists.

What started as a simple idea for recruitment has evolved into a state of the art web driven solution for companies who want to complement or increase the efficiency and effectiveness of current business initiatives. From recruitment to research we have a total and fully integrated solution designed to maximize the potential of the web and eliminate the constraints of time and space.